Work Experience

Software Engineer

Fresh Brains • Oct, 2016 — present

At Fresh Brains we are building products for enterprises and startups in the space of enterprise mobility, API-First micro service based platforms, analytics, education.

As a software engineer in Fresh Brains, my role is focussed on developing mobile and web applications using React, React Native, Redux, and Node(Hapi.js) with great user experience.

Developed a mobile (Android and iOS) and web product for food startup ( based out of Hyderabad. Used React, React Native, Redux, Hapi.js, CC Avenue Payments, and Programmable SMS.

Developing a data as a platform service Realm ( The Realm is a hyper local data platform enables continuous data connectivity for consumers at public places like malls, transportation, hospitals, colleges, etc. To enable data connectivity at all places, each place should host WiFi data access points using hotspots.

Learned about writing clean code, architecting solutions, software development methods, and practiced various methods to design products which deliver great user experience.

Microsoft Student Partner

Microsoft • Nov, 2014 — Mar, 2017

Evangelized Microsoft to the student community. Technology speaker on Cloud and Web application development. Learned and experimented with Microsoft tools (Windows Azure, Power BI)

Product Developer Intern

Fresh Brains Technologies • April, 2016 — Sept, 2016

As product developer intern at this early stage software company, I have built an enterprise mobility product for Appdrome (a UK product consulting firm, a client of Fresh Brains.

I used React Native, Redux and Hapi.js to build this mobile product for both iOS and Android platforms. This mobile solution is for a retail (telecom) business to standardize the employee operations in stores and actively manage the employees.

Learned about mobile application development and deployment strategies. Rigorously practiced Test Driven Development, SCRUM and Agile methodologies during this internship.

Licensee & Organizer

TEDx BVRIT • Feb, 2017 — present

TEDxBVRIT is TEDx series talks with the theme titled, ‘Aspiring mindfully’. We have decided on the theme so as to bring out the need for people to do focussed work and not only hard work and never give up in face of adversity. Aspirations have to be built around existing environments and time should be properly valued; the talks would revolve around this while also emphasising the need to build self improvement metrics.

TEDxBVRIT 2017 is the first TEDx event in my college BVRIT. Talks were delivered by 9 speakers from different domains. Event was attended by 100+ students and professionals


Auth0 • July, 2017 — present

As Auth0 ambassador, I evangelize Auth0 technologies to the developer community. Technology speaker on Identity / Security of the web and mobile applications.

Web Co-ordinator

Zealotz, BVRIT • Mar, 2016 — April, 2016

Developed website for the event. Used dedicated servers with simple git push (git webhook) deployment. Website runs on a Caddy server.

Tracked all the visits and action using New Relic and Clicky Analytics. Used the data to make decisions and we have build a good traction for the event.

Ambassador • Dec, 2015 — Mar, 2017

Evangelized Hackster to the hardware community in Hyderabad. Working closely with international developers and my colleagues to share the knowledge in this domain. I also run a meet-up group with very active participants.

Co-founder & Editor

IoT&Me • Feb, 2015 — Oct, 2015

IoT&Me (now is a online Internet of Things community. We delivered news and ideas about the Internet of Things using this platform. We automated the communications using technology. We had a very good monthly viewership.

  • Conducted first ever IoT Hackathon in Hyderabad
  • Celebrated Arduino Day 2015, which reach of 25K
  • Partnered with The August Fest, Hyderabad Hackers


B V Raju Institute of Technology

Electronics and Communications Engineering • 2013 — 2017

Indian School of Business

Technology Entrepreneurship Program • 2015 — 2017


Web Development

  • React.js
  • React Native
  • jQuery
  • Hapi.js
  • JavaScipt
  • HTML
  • CSS (Bootstrap & Flexbox)


  • Mongo DB
  • MySQL


Worked with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison.


Also good at Hackathons, Blogging, Outreach, Social Media.


BView (iOS & Android)

Qurioseaty ( Web & Mobile )

Automated Water Management and Monitoring System in Paddy Fields. ( Final Verion )

Arduino Sensor Data Logging (Database (MySQL) & Local File (using Processing.js) )

Presentations & Talks


LFS101x.2: Introduction to Linux

Is a course of study offered by LinuxFoundationX, an online learning initiative of The Linux Foundation through edX.

uINOV8x: User Innovation: A Path to Entrepreneurship

Is a course of study offered by MITx, an online learning initiative of The Massachusetts Institute of Technology through edX.

Code101x: Think. Create. Code

Is a course of study offered by AdelaideX, an online learning initiative of The University of Adelaide through edX.

Volunteer Work

Social Media Manager

The August Fest • June, 2015 — Present

The August Fest is India's largest startup conference with 4200+ attendees in 2015. I worked closely with one of the co-founder. I handled all the social media communications and helped organising talks at main stage. Got a chance to learn about community culture and event organisations. Meet many international speakers and entrepreneurs. We trended on Twitter in Hyderabad in both the editions!


Microsoft • Dec, 2015

This was an event dedicated to Developers using Windows 10 to build technology solutions.

I gave a demo to all the participants on Windows IoT. Installed Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi Model 2 and acquired sensor data using Node.js and uploaded it to Azure SQL server.

Worked closely with Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals and meet amazing developers.


IAMAI Mobile10X • Feb, 2016

Helped the Team IAMAI Mobile 10x for Hack for India contest in 2016, happened in T-Hub at Hyderabad. Worked closely with Vice President of IAMAI Mobile 10x and few IAMAI managers to conduct the event. Got a chance to meet very good startups.

Honours & Awards

MIT Global Startup Workshop

Delegate • 2016

Delegate at 16th edition of MIT Global Startup Workshop. Learned about pitching, fundraising and product thinking along with 300 international attendees.

Mathworks and Adafruit students pet robotics challenge.

Finalist • 2015

Developed a reminder robot, which reminds students about their works.

All the tasks are stored in MySQL table. A python script constantly counts the table colomns and send the information to Arduino to reminder the user.

Intel IoT challenge

Finalist • 2015

My project got selected for top 10 projects in the challenge by Instructables. A simple sensor data logging engine. The obtained data can be easily vizualised and analyzed.

Used Micrsoft Azure's SQL server to store data along with stream analytics. Also used Power BI for data vizualisation.

Interests & Hobbies

Astronomy, Literature, Indian History & Culture, Quantum Physics and Startups